Luxor Deventer, Concept proposal

What happens physically and mentally with a person when he or she uses drugs? Why do people use drugs? Do people step outside of themselves? Do they feel free? To what extent does an interior have the same effects as psychoactive substances?

The aim of the design and the research is to create a space in which the interior has the same influence on the visitor as the influence of psychoactive substances on the personality and psychological state of mind of the visitor. 

The space is divided into different areas based on the curve of a drugs-trip as seen in the schedule bellow. Every area will express the different senses of the visitor. I.e. the ceiling of the bar -the womb- is covered with furry and the walls are covered with a special type of memoryfoam to give the feeling of full relaxation. Memoryfoam will encourage people to touch the walls similair to people who are experiencing a trip and want to touch and hug people all around. (2017)

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