Graduation show 2019 Rotterdam

The carwash is one of the only interiors that is fully dedicated to machines. It is their luxurious bathing spot, where humans have a passive role, carried in a container, awaiting the programmed behaviour of the robots around them. In the robotic moment – the human user became a tool for the machinic objects to capture human data, to learn from humans and to grow into the same state of ‘being’ as men.

Film by Amelie Johanna Unger

Film by Amelie Johanna Unger

As a result, humans also become more like machines; they need to await and follow the pre-programmed characteristics of the surrounding smart objects in their smart home, where variety and spontaneity do not exist. 

Pictures by Magdalena Wierzbicka

When the machine analyses the user’s behaviour and daily patterns, these patterns become guides for them. Eventually, the machinic container captures and defines the life of its user. Machine Wash Only represents a scenario in which our daily patterns and behaviour are based on the predictive programmed behaviour of robots, and humans become subordinates to machines. It gives a glimpse on how the user ends up living in a machinic container, that is represented as the carwash. The elements are capturing the data of their users, through a concept of control, algorithms and analytics, while they define how one should live.

Photos by Magdalena Wierzbicka

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