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Pictures by Magdalena Wierzbicka 

The Carwash Collection derives from the designer’s fascination for the mechanical creatures as seen within the carwash, where they take center stage and rhythmically show the cadence of mechanics. They fumble the body of the car and a mating dance seems to flourish. While visitors are nothing more than engaged spectators of their cleaning ritual.


The collection consists of three unique carwash objects that are taken into the home. Here, they become friendly interior pieces with a cuddly mixture of soft layers and metal features. They live to make people happy. The Mitter Table lingers around the house with its glass top and metal frame floating on thick layers of PET felt. Such as his little brother, The Machinic Mitter Table starts to feel at home. However, he needs to adjust a bit to its new function. The machine tries to be a table, but sometimes nonetheless prefers to clean. On the other hand, The Brush Pouf settled down. It interacts with the user, invites him to take a seat, spin around and pet its hair. 


By featuring the beauty of their machinic –yet animistic– qualities Carlijn Olde Beverborg encourages people to connect, and build a relationship, with the object world.

Mechanical tracks are regulating us

along the lines of moving agents

and moderating systems
Carefully, mechanical brushes

are fumbling the body of the car
A passion between machines seems to flourish

A deep tenderness appears
Is this a mating dance?

The brushes are shaking

shaking with their swinging hair

Coming closer and holding tight

caressing the wet wet car

They take the stage and rhythmically show

the cadence of mechanics

While we humans are nothing more

then the spectator of this play

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