The Elephant in the Room is a series of audio speakers, that is inspired by the metaphor of the same name - an awkward situation which is undeniable, however people pretend it does not exist. The project is an audio-visual alternation of intimacy and reticence, to show a dialogue between human behaviour and space.


The three objects also known as elephants, are shaped as an embodiment of awkwardness, which occupy your space as they gather at the corner of a room. The work compels you to think about the immaterial and your own personal occupation of space. Raw, tactile and fleshy, the objects struggle for their acknowledgment and presence.


  • 1x 8" midwoofer, 60 W Class D amp

  • 1x 1" dome tweeter fabric, 60 W Class D amp

  • Streaming: Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Music, podcasts, networked music files, webradio

  • Input: Bluetooth 4.0, analog 3.5mm Jack 

  • Integrated suspension system

  • Dimensions total: 72 x 50 x 35 cm 

Pictures: Alice Lucchinelli and Lennart Stolte 

Audio technician: Peter van Gijn and 

Rik Wijngaards

3d modelling: Jelle Fokkema

3d printing: Parts on demand

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